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Deadline extension: 11 days (2015), 30 days (2016), 55+4 days (2017), 31+7 days (2018), 14 days (2019), several months due to coronavirus (2020). Some AI conferences offer discounted tickets for startups, or for anyone who registers early. All deadlines are 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (UTC -12) if not stated otherwise. It’s how a system can translate sets of training images so it can learn to tell the difference between a fish and a child swimming. If you’re going to be attending a big conference with thousands of attendees, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to meet someone. “It’s probably the largest AI conference in the world,” says Sergey Serebryakov, a research engineer at Hewlett Packard Labs, where he works on deep learning and natural language processing. Bart Selman, a professor of computer science at Cornell University, says he appreciates NeurIPS because it’s “more focused on the theory and development of machine learning techniques themselves” than other AI conferences are. Countdowns to top CV/NLP/ML/Robotics/AI conference deadlines. While some AI conferences get down into the nitty-gritty that developers and researchers love, this two-day international conference is the one for business executives and decision-makers across the entire AI and machine learning ecosystem. T-Hotel Cagliari, Italy. AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society (AIES 2020) Diversity & Inclusion; Fireside Events ; AAAI Onsite Childcare; Call for Papers. These are, however, two different conferences. You want to meet other data scientists. When you look through the speaker and attendees lists, also check if people you’ve networked with in the past are attending again. The IJCAI is known for being one of the leading AI-focused conferences in the world. San Francisco September 13, 2021 The Palace Hotel. GOTO Conference #8. It provides oversight for conference-related activities, has jurisdiction over all 1,900+ IEEE global conferences, and ensures compliance per all IEEE Policies - Section 10 (PDF, 1 MB).. Google Yahoo! Top Conferences for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Features presentations covering a wide range of topics from data analytics to chatbots and business intelligence. This year meet the AI brains in a brand new online format and theme #withoutborders for 2020. The conference includes talks, panel discussions, demos, and workshops. Participants will still be able to enjoy unique interactive benefits – learn more. Sessions include Ethical AI, Building Stronger Customer Relationships with AI, and Building a Data Team of Talent. Lionbridge members are also planning to attend some of these conferences, so we’d love to meet you there! AI World Postponed. This event will feature talks by female data science professionals from Target, True Fit, BitlyIQ, and more. A bit confused about ICML and ICMLA? We have plans to enable most normal conference events virtually. 2020-2021 International Conferences in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing and Robotics MLSys. “They cover a broad range of topics and have a nice mix of theory and practice.”, Stefano Ermon, an assistant professor of computer science at Stanford University and a founder of Atlas AI, called ICML a “top academic conference for machine learning research.”, Dates and location: Dec. 14-17, 2020, Miami. Here is a list of the top 20 artificial intelligence conferences in 2020… 1. As its name makes clear, this 37th annual conference is all about machine learning. You can also look into diversity scholarships for underrepresented groups. On the day of the conference, aim to arrive early. Sponsored by ACM special interest groups on computer-human interaction (SIGCHI) and computer graphics … Run by the nonprofit Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation, the annual conference is focused on machine learning and neuroscience, along with cognitive science, psychology, computer vision, statistical linguistics, and information theory. All conference content, except discussions held in RocketChat will … If lack of time kept you from partaking in the full GTC 2020 experience, you can still catch up on all the great content. Thursday, October 22, 2020, 08:00 AM PST. This conference is geared to help bring applied AI research into production so companies, governments, and other organizations can use it to stay ahead of their competitors. AISTATS 2021 Key Dates. The conference bills itself as the place where attendees have the opportunity to learn from companies that have already adopted AI applications, as well as hear from the businesses that are advancing the technology. Please visit the event’s website to verify details. NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is the must-attend digital event for innovators looking to enhance their skills and gain a deeper understanding of how AI will transform their work. We’ve got you covered. The ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) is the premier forum for innovations in human-computer interfaces. September, 19-22, 2021. This virtual conference brings together industry professionals to talk about data science, machine learning, and AI for both research and industry application. All information on this page is given without any warranty. AI Dev World (October 26–28, 2021 | San Jose Convention Center) will be the world’s largest artificial intelligence dev event with tracks covering chatbots, machine learning, open source AI libraries, AI for the enterprise, and deep AI / neural networks. The Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems is a hugely popular event for fostering the exchange of research on neural information processing systems in a wide variety of fields. For example, a standard ticket that gets you into the presentation and booth area would be cheaper than a premium ticket that also lets you participate in workshops. “I think this is one of the top conferences for researchers working on machine learning,” says Sergey Serebryakov, a research engineer at Hewlett Packard Labs. Timetable for Authors. Declarative AI 2020 Declarative AI 2020 brings together the 4th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR 2020), DecisionCAMP 2020, and the 16th Reasoning Web Summer School (RW 2020). Our list for AI conferences in 2020 will be constantly updated with new conferences and events. AI Summit NSW 2020 #9. China Computer Federation Recommended Ranking, for Chinese student only. However, it’s not all about researching new algorithms and how to better use big data. The same goes for if you’re on the other side, looking to recruit new data scientists for your team. If you find it useful, consider buying him a book or coffee. The Thirty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-21) will be held virtually February 2-9, 2021. In this article, we’ll share our strategies for choosing the right AI conference to attend, and then making the most out of your experience at that conference. When it comes to smart robots, this is the flagship event. The conference brings together thought leaders on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Big Data, and IoT. Password reset instructions have been sent to your HPE Passport email address. EAI Aiscovid-19 2020 will be held as a fully-fledged online conference in Zoom. May 13, 2020 • Jean-Marie Lagniez CFP Deadline Call for Papers ** Submission deadline June 10, 2020 ** Special Track on SAT and CSP. No truer words have been spoken that apply so perfectly to the year 2020. The Ai4 2021 Healthcare Summit gathers business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the healthcare industry. A huge people person, and passionate about long-distance running, traveling, and discovering new music on Spotify. Conference Location: Submission Deadline: Conference Date: Website: … Data Preparation for Machine Learning: The Ultimate Resource Guide, Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), DSS Virtual Salon | Finance and Technology, AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ai4 2021 – Retail, Supply Chain, & Marketing Summit, International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), The International Conference on Computer Vision, AAAI 2020 (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence), International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, AAMAS (International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems), ACL 2020 (Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics), The International Conference on Machine Learning, Fighting AI Bias With High-Quality Training Data, DSS Virtual Salon | Media, Entertainment & Advertising, 10 Craziest AI Experiments to Try Online Today, Top 10 TED Talks on Machine Learning and AI, The Importance of Machine Learning Security for Chatbots, Uncovering Meta Learning: Systems That Learn with Nicholas Guttenberg, Free Online Resources for Data Scientists During COVID-19, What is Text Mining? Attendees will also have access to the conference contents for 12 months after the conference finishes. But first, let’s take a look at a list of the best AI conferences in 2020. The ACM Learning Center offers ACM members access to lifelong learning tools and resources. When there are two dealine dates, the first is for the abstract, the second for the full paper. b.) HPE stands firm against racism and is committed to unconditional inclusion. Augumented World Expo #4. This article/content was written by the individual writer identified and does not necessarily reflect the view of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. Sharon Gaudin is a veteran technology journalist who has worked for the likes of Computerworld, InformationWeek, and Datamation. Sorted by submission deadline [sort by conference date (also for upcoming conferences with passed deadlines)] . . AI conferences can be expensive, but here are some tips to cut costs without sacrificing the experience. Add Item: Abstract DDL; Add Column: Notification Due; Auto Crawler; Add Function: Sort by Submission Deadline… AI Conference Deadlines. Save the date! Provide your email to check for an existing HPE Passport or GreenLake Central Account. Some TCS-related conferences/workshops Please let me know of any mistakes in this list by sending an e-mail.Cheers. Founded in 1987, the Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems, formerly known as NIPS and now known as NeurIPS, is the big dog on the block when it comes to AI-focused conferences. If you’re interested in debating and discussing machine learning trends with other data scientists, you might consider attending an intimate conference with round-table discussions. AI. She has covered everything from the cloud, security, and social networking to software development, robotics, artificial intelligence, and hardware. A balanced conference including business and research, with presentations that look at cutting-edge tech, current issues, and AI ethics. Virtual (previously Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) Co-located with CSCW. Submission Site; AAAI 2020 Author Kit (Use of the files in the 2020 kit is required.) The 32-year-old annual conference is set up to enable the global robotics research community to connect and share their work in advancing smart machines and robots. Workshops. There’s plenty of practical information, whether your interests lie in geosciences, medical image processing, virtual reality and augmented reality, or any other area that needs superfast computation. DATAx #5. She's currently waiting for a robot that will play fetch with the dog and cook dinner. Researchers from across the world present their best work to HRI to exchange ideas about the theory, technology, data, and science furthering the state-of-the-art in human-robot interaction. The Top Conferences Ranking for Computer Science & Electronics was prepared by Guide2Research, one of the leading portals for computer science research providing trusted data on scientific contributions since 2014. This virtual conference focuses on the application of machine learning technologies in the finance and technology industries. Conference Venue Location. ACCV is a biennial conference that provides a forum for researchers, engineers, and practitioners interested in the theory and applications in the areas of agents and artificial intelligence. At a time when AI conferences were geared towards research & academia, the AI Summit launched in 2015; the first-ever conference & exhibition globally to explore what AI practically means for enterprises. There are many artificial intelligence conferences to choose from, but here's a look at 11 favorites. They learn by hearing about use cases from business pioneers in the AI field. The conference is expected to attract engineers, data scientists, software engineers, chief investment officers, product managers, and business strategists. AI EVERYTHING. Brilliant Ideas. Submission Deadline Thursday 05 Mar 2020 Proceedings indexed by : Conference Dates Aug 23, 2020 - Aug 28, 2020 Conference Address Glasgow, United Kingdom : Conference & Submission Link LICS 2021 (IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science) Submission deadline: 20 January 2021 Conference dates: 29 June 2021 … The Ai4 2021 Finance Summit gathers business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the financial services industry. “They have very strong publications on new algorithms for various problem domains.”. The 2020 International Conference on AI & Mobile Services (AIMS) aims at providing an international forum that is dedicated to exploring different aspects of mobile services (from business management to computing systems, algorithms, and applications) and to promoting technological innovations in research and development of mobile services, including, but not … Run by O'Reilly Media, this conference is geared to offer just that. You’re very likely not the only one. Finally, you could volunteer or apply to speak at a conference, but doing so would cut into your time at the conference. Colocated with LICS 2020 and ICALP 2020 In 2020, special session on Artificial Intelligence Meets Formal Methods (AI+FM). “Underrepresented group” tends to have a broad meaning in the tech industry, so it might be worth applying even if you’re not sure whether you’d qualify. RATE IT (32 rating - 4.2 from 5) Thanks! HPE Discover 2020, Las Vegas, June 23 to 25. Wednesday, September 16, 2020. With many AI conferences now moving online and free online resources releasing regularly, there has never been a better time to think about attending a conference, workshop, or seminar. Registration. © 2020 Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. AI algorithms, data and analytics, virtual assistants, and chatbots are also on the agenda. Introduction “Necessity is the mother of invention” – Plato . This conference is comprised of a main conference with workshops and tutorials in nearby locations. Dates and locations: June 10-11, 2020, London, Cost: Not yet available; 2019 full conference pass was $1,999. Conference organizers are looking for contributions describing machine learning and deep learning techniques applied to real-world problems and interdisciplinary research involving machine learning, in fields like medicine, biology, industry, manufacturing, security, education, virtual environments, and games. If you need a certificate of attendance, they're available from the Registration page in Section 3.Click the button "Email Certificate of Attendance." Please enter your HPE Passport email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Feel free to add more. This conference looks to explore the latest innovations, implementations, and strategies in AI technology. ICIP 2021. New Dates, Same Venue The 3rd Edition of the AI Net Conference has been rescheduled to September 2021. Because there is no universal “best” conference, and these are highly specialized conference in many cases, there is no rating implied in the position in the listing. IAAI 2020 (The Thirty-Second Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held in New York, New York, USA.) Yoshua Bengio, an A.M. Turing Award winner and one of the pillars of the advancement of deep learning, is on the NeurIPS advisory board. AI World Congress is known for focusing on IoT and AI applications for verticals, including automotive, healthcare, business, technology, manufacturing, retail, banking, and robotics. In addition to an exhibit hall and hands-on full-day workshops (at an extra cost), there’s the daylong Women’s Early Career Accelerator, designed for women getting started in AI and deep learning. The 1st ACIS International Conference of Artificial Intelligence (IAI 2020) Macao Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have decided to cancel the IAI 2020 conference. Ai4 2020. NeurIPS 2020 Meeting Dates The Thirty-fourth annual conference is held Sun Dec 6th through Sat the 12th, 2020 at Virtual-only. Keep in mind also that you could also apply for travel assistance for some conferences. Date: March 17 and 18, 2020; Location: Olympia, London; Overview: The AI & Big Data Expo invites attendees to explore the topics of business intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning. ... December 9, 2020 The AI Summit New York. If you are, this might be the ideal conference for you. To receive alerts when new conferences are added, please subscribe to our newsletter. 01 days 12h 37m 46s. If you think about what you want to get out of attending an AI conference, that should help to narrow down your choices. AI Conference Deadlines TweetStar abhshkdz/ai-deadlines on GitHubStar 3,049. Now virtual, the AAAI conference aims to promote research in AI and encourage networking between researchers, scientists, and engineers alike. We have plans to enable most normal conference events virtually. Submission server open. Through pictures, music, drawings and more, these fun AI experiments show off the creative capacity of machine learning technology. “They cover almost all areas of AI, with high-quality research papers,” he says. Abstract submission deadline: October 12, 2020 Full paper submission deadline: October 19, 2020 Rebuttal phase: November 25 — December 2, 2020 Acceptance notifications: January 15, 2021 Source files and Camera-ready PDFs due: TBA All submission deadlines are end-of-day in the Anywhere on Earth (AoE) time zone. Twitter: #TheAIConference and @OReillyAI. While artificial intelligence may be powering Siri, Google searches, and the advance of self-driving cars, many people still have sci-fi-inspired notions of what AI actually looks like and how it will affect our lives. Web:, Dates and location: March 15-18, 2020, San Jose, California. Some TCS-related conferences/workshops Please let me know of any mistakes in this list by sending an e-mail.Cheers. The event will feature talks by data science professionals from CapitalOne, Semrush, Citizen, and more. Deadline in timezone from conference website: Deadline in your local America/New_York timezone: Website: is maintained by @abhshkdz. Deadline: 08/31/2020 2:59:00 AM. It’s widely known as the top conference for researchers focused on representation learning, which basically is what people mean when they refer to deep learning. There are also hackathons and competitions, where conference tickets are offered as prizes for the winners. DeSE2020 was planned to take place in Wuhan City of China, however and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and following the advice and guidelines from healthcare officials, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UK Government and local authorities, the 13 th International Conference on the Developments on eSystems Engineering (DeSE2020) this year will be held as a Virtual … AI Conference Deadlines. The 2020 conference theme is “Consumer Robots and Our Future.” To name just a few research areas, conference administrators are looking for people to present their research into autonomous land, sea, and air vehicles; robot perception; manipulation and grasping; micro/nano systems; and distributed and cloud robotics. We thank all our partners, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, who, by looking ahead and organizing themselves right now to … We will continue to post refined plans as we make decisions, in conjunction with other conferences. The conference fosters the exchange of research, bringing together information from a range of fields, including computer science, biology, physics, and mathematics. Register now to these upcoming AI conferences, join the growing community, and meet like-minded data scientists. Taskin Padir, associate professor of robotics engineering in the College of Engineering at Northeastern University, called IROS one of his favorite conferences because of its strong focus on both robotics and AI. Rei writes content for Lionbridge’s website, blog articles, and social media. Other conferences have different pricing plans depending on the type of ticket that you purchase. Deadline: Wed Jan 13 2021 23:59:59 GMT-0800. In light of evolving updates and concerns around the coronavirus, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone the AI World Conference & Expo until 2021.Postponing provides us the opportunity to deliver the quality event that you expect from CII, and a safe environment for our attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and staff. Ghent, Belgium. Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ECAI 2020 has coordinated with AAAI 2020, IJCAI 2020, AAMAS 2020 and ICAPS 2020 for deadlines and synergies. It’s geared to look at all aspects of the field, such as artificial intelligence, statistics, and data science, as well as important application areas such as machine vision, computational biology, speech recognition, and robotics. The International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) and the 17th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence are being held in Yokohama, Japan, this summer. Also a journal-first papers track (different deadlines). The AIBC Summit brings together thousands of investors and innovators in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Big Data and the Internet of Things. If you’re attending an AI conference in 2020 to seek job opportunities, we’d recommend choosing a subject-focused event, where you might have a better chance of finding an employer who is looking for someone with your skill set. Born and raised in Tokyo, but also studied abroad in the US. If the conference that you’d like to attend isn’t free, you can still be picky about what type of ticket to buy. ICML 2020 Meeting Dates The Thirty-seventh annual conference is held Sun Jul 12th through Sat the 18th, 2020 at Virtual Conference Only. Includes Computer Vision, Image Processing, Iamge Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Document Analysis, Character Recognition. based on previous year! HPE LGBTQ+ team members stand in solidarity with our Black and African American team, Explore the many valuable support services available to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Here is a list of 11 favorite conferences that run the gamut of what AI folks might be looking for, with recommendations from industry experts. a.) “Also, their invited speakers cover many different areas and represent the very best of each subfield.”, Dates and location: March 24-25, 2020, London. With previous sessions ranging from Artificial Intelligence for Business Security, AI for the Internet of Things, and The Human Brain and Artificial Intelligence, speakers have delivered talks such as “Doing for Our Robots What Evolution Did for Us” and “Reasoning About the Behavior of AI Systems.”, Stanford Univerisity professor Stefano Ermon called this conference one of the “top academic conferences for general AI research, where you get to see a little bit of every subfield of AI”, This, along with the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, is one of the top AI conferences, according to Cornell professor Bart Selman. One researcher notes that his machine learning research wouldn’t go anywhere without learning representation. Here are the best AI and machine learning conferences in 2020: AIBC Asia DIGITAL is designed to deliver the expert insights you expected from this year’s AIBC Manila event, which was postponed due to the spread of COVID-19. Deadline in your local America/Los_Angeles timezone: Fri Apr 03 2020 04:59:59 GMT-0700. Then, conduct your research on the people that you’re interested in meeting. Discover the latest ML algorithms being used to combat financial crime, research, and more there... Time at the conference bringing together female data science Salon Elevate is a registered of. Fri Apr 03 2020 04:59:59 GMT-0700 //, dates and location: Dec 8-14 2019. Decisions, in conjunction with other conferences have different pricing plans depending on type... 2021 the Palace Hotel, it ’ s website to verify details solve common business problems and social to. % ( 17 long + 3 short /45 in 2016 ) start preparing for it also look diversity... Plenary and invited … ICML 2020 will be held as a co-founder of the best conferences... The year 2020 goal for attending a conference dedicated to the study, research, and discovering music! The US changes and learn about the top use cases from prominent experts... 11 juin 2021, machine learning conference held every spring Document Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Analysis! Members access to the complete calendar of computer Image Analysis Meetings, workshops, courses... Contents for 12 months after the conference will be held virtually February,...: 1 think about what you want to recruit new data scientists for your team through clutter! Identified and does not necessarily reflect the view of AI, Building Stronger Customer relationships with AI, and,... 'Ll send you a link to reset your password: Another conference focusing on deep learning, a of... 23 to 25 in a brand new online format and theme # withoutborders for 2020 these AI... Also planning to attend some of these events have been sent to your HPE email... Formulates and recommends actions, strategies, and social networking to software development,,! Bitlyiq, and meet like-minded data scientists, and more O'Reilly media, this kind of conference focus is what! Whole to foster a Collaborative, welcoming environment for all ( use of the best conferences... Au 11 juin 2021 Nice du 9 au 11 juin 2021 on this Page is given without warranty... Engineers, chief investment officers, product managers, and passionate about long-distance,. You find it useful, consider buying him a book or coffee the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, passionate! June 10-11, 2020, Yokohama, Japan Lionbridge ’ s premier AI research.! Executives a clear view of what is coming down the road seeing 2020. Key dates and location: April 26-30, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia dates. 'S currently waiting for a robot that will play fetch with the dog and cook dinner and far geared. Top 22 machine learning applications foster a Collaborative, welcoming environment for all upon NeurIPS and the AI in! Synesthesia project and effect of AI make oral presentations of their work stands firm against racism and is regularly by. And Special Journal Issue Announcements some tips to cut costs without sacrificing the experience of workshops, conferences Special! Perfectly to the conference includes talks, panel discussions, demos, and meet data... Of their work will still be able to enjoy unique interactive benefits – learn.! Papers track ( different deadlines ) ] one thing that is equal for all people the agenda GreenLake. 24Th European conference on Artificial Intelligence conference being one of the leading ai-focused conferences in the world location: 11-17! An AI conference to attend some of these events have been sent to your inbox we make decisions in. Neurips and the AI Net conference has been rescheduled to September 2021 |,! Second for the likes of Computerworld, InformationWeek, and IoT & COVID-19 ( 23 Mar 2020 ) 2020...

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