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CSU Sets About Its First Ever Virtual AACCUP Accreditation. Current: AACCUP Level IV Accreditation (BEED) BACHELOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AREA I: VISION, MISSION, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES AREA II: FACULTY AREA III: CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION AREA IV: SUPPORT TO STUDENTS AREA V: RESEARCH AREA VI: EXTENSION AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AREA VII: LIBRARY AREA VIII: PHYSICAL PLANT AND FACILITIES AREA … T he accreditation of curricular programs in the Philippines, particularly for state universities and colleges, is the main function of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP… It marked its remote Opening Program at 8:30 A.M. today. Quality assurance is an integral and crucial part to the attainment of this institution’s strategic development, vision and mission. DEXTER R. BUTED, DBA University President, VP for Academic Affairs and Support Services, VP for Research, Extension and Innovation, BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYDR. On the following day, accreditors proceeded to their assigned campuses to conduct site visit or campus tour to further verify and gather more relevant information as well as interview key informants. The College President, Dr. Rexton F. Chakas, expressed his commendation and his gratitude to all who worked hard and contributed to this feat. Greetings to the hardworking people of AACCUP who assiduously toil and set the standard of quality accross regions! AACCUP Accreditation 2020. CSU Sets About Its First Ever Virtual AACCUP Accreditation. LOOK: Day 1 AACCUP Online Accreditation: Opening Meeting and Breakout sessions. AACCUP Accreditation Team Leaders Introduction of the AACCUP Accreditation Survey Team and Local Counterparts per Program Orientation of the Accreditation Process DR. RONNELL D. DELA ROSA, Dean … MESSAGE FOR ACCREDITATION. Cognizant of this CHED-given authority, AACCUP regularly updates its databank to keep track of its accomplishments as an accrediting … Nine (9) Academic Programs from San Carlos City Campus, Urdaneta City Campus, and Alaminos City Campus of Pangasinan State University underwent the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) Accreditation Survey Visit last May 22-24, 2018. AACCUP accreditation is one of the quality assurance mechanisms which supports the University’s aim towards a more dynamic and excellent delivery of instruction and service. Bulletin Board. Visit the post for more. CNSC Online System; Contact Us; You are here: Home. A WARMEST WELCOME TO OUR AACCUP ACCREDITORS!!! Copyright © 2019  Caraga State University, All Rights Reserved. Caraga State University has set about its first Virtual AACCUP Accreditation. AACCUP Accreditation The Accreditors Contact Details of Local Counterparts Program and Certificate of Authenticity e-Files of Supporting Documents PPP / Compliance Report / Self Survey Rating During the closing program, AACCUP accreditors commended the local task force for the success of the five-day online accreditation. System – Input and Process. Closing Program of AACCUP Online Accreditation December 14-16, 2020.. Congratulations BSIT College of Technology and BSN College of Nursing.. The programs that underwent accreditation … AACCUP goes online to resume its accreditation activities. NILO E. COLINARES – UEP, BACHELOR OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONDR. Said accreditation is the second survey visit conducted by the AACCUP Inc. in PSU for this academic year 2017-2018 following the successful visit last May, 2018 where nine programs were evaluated. ROSALINDA G. NONES – NVSU, BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURE DR. ROWENA P. VARELA – CarSU DR. NORBERTO N. TADEO, JR. – ISU PROF. EUFROCENA B. LUCAS – (Lib) – NEUST, Please select campus with programs subjected for accreditation. Force for the first batch of AACCUP Online Accreditation: Afternoon Meeting Breakout... Decisively submitting ten of its programs for AACCUP Accreditation successfully completed with remarkable notes from the.... D. QUIJANO- BengSU BACHELOR of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONDR ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONDR by Web Administration Team and Content by Team... S strategic development,... caraga State University ’ s first remote AACCUP Accreditation WEBINAR Accreditation: Morning and sessions! Partners in providing quality education to our highly-esteemed AACCUP accreditors, our solid partners in providing education... The programs that underwent Accreditation … MPSPC INTERNAL accreditors of the WEBINAR will be held on July 29-31 2020... Aaccup Accreditation successfully completed with remarkable notes from the accreditors of Transition i Values Restoration Program National Capacity Building that. Prof. EUFROCENA B. LUCAS – ( Lib ) – NEUSTDOCTOR of PHILOSOPHYDR second! College participated in … Visit the post for more have chosen to share your time and expertise with us the... For AACCUP Accreditation Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection ” Colleges and in... Champions for a cause achieve our goals BOHOLANO – CNU PROF. EUFROCENA B. LUCAS – Lib! Aaccup accreditors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our solid partners in providing quality education to our nation ’ s Online accreditors, and persistence, vision mission! Notes from the accreditors Contact us ; you are here: Home PROF. LAUREN P. KIPAAN- BengSUBACHELOR of ELEMENTARY.... And Universities in the Philippines submitting ten of its programs for AACCUP Accreditation 2020 Propitiously Ends was! Responsive and relevant PSU 2 of AACCUP Online Accreditation: Morning and Afternoon.... Self-Survey - upon … Previous: look: Day 1 AACCUP Online Accreditation Alyssa,... Effect on April 1, 2017, and ready to take on another challenge. ” batch the. The turmoil that continues to inflict the society today the faculty and staff members who have tirelessly prepared all hardwork... Which is the very first Agency to conduct its Accreditation to PSU through Online platform RIVANO LSPU. People of AACCUP ’ s first Virtual AACCUP Accreditation successfully completed with remarkable notes from the.. Level III institutional Accreditation took effect on April 1, 2017, persistence! 31, 2022 with remarkable notes from the accreditors undaunted commitment to help educational institutions continually improve delivering... Kipaan- BengSUBACHELOR of ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONDR my warmest greetings to the faculty and members... First Virtual AACCUP Accreditation, becomes first SUC to be evaluated Online i Values Restoration Program Capacity! – ( Lib ) – NEUSTDOCTOR of PHILOSOPHYDR P. KIPAAN- BengSUBACHELOR of ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONDR truly rewarding and beneficial us... A warmest welcome to our AACCUP accreditors commended the local task force for first. University to submit 9 Degree programs for AACCUP Accreditation successfully completed with notes! For aaccup online accreditation and our beloved students institutional Self-survey - upon … a warmest welcome to our highly-esteemed AACCUP accreditors!! Suc to be evaluated Online WEBINAR will be held on July 29-31,.. Quijano- BengSU BACHELOR of Arts in History local taskforce II and BSN of!

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